Trust The Process

Learn More About Our Time Tested Traditional Practices

  • Traditional Processes

    Our natural soaps are handmade in small batches using the centuries old cold process method and cure for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure that they are long lasting, PH balanced and gentle on your skin. Plant Based and Palm Oil Free.

  • Wellness Garden

    Guided by Culture and Ancestral Teachings from Natalie’s Indo-Caribbean & Eastern European Heritage. We plant, grow and harvest our own medicinal plants using an ethnobotanical approach in our wellness garden and use those botanicals for oil infusions, hydrosols, tintcures and skincare products.

  • Flowing with Nature's Rhythms

    Using regenerative agriculture principals, we plan, plant, grow and harvest our herbs and flowers by working in harmony with nature and the cosmos, paying special attention to the cycles of the moon which has been a traditional means of growing and harvesting by many indigenous cultures for thousands of years. Using the sun as a guide for planning our annual growing plots and to create our solar infused botanical creations.

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