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Naturally Natalie Botanical Skincare

Herbal Hair Oil - Ayurvedic Blend

Herbal Hair Oil - Ayurvedic Blend

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Healthy hair starts at the roots! Formulated to promote healthy hair growth  by starting with the roots.  Made of 100% natural & ayurvedic herbs known for centuries to strengthen roots and increase hair growth. This is a concentrated blend of 8 root stimulating botanicals and plant based oils to strengthen roots and the hair follicle.

This oil is ideal for all hair types. It keeps your scalp healthy and nourished and stimulates blood flow and circulation, increasing hair growth. It can also be used to lock in moisture into dry hair.



Ingredients: Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Neem Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Turmeric Root Extract, Rosemary, Hibiscus Flower, Glycerin.


Neem oil is known for regenerative properties that support healthy hair growth. Deeply conditions as it contains several fatty acids to nourish hair and scalp to revitalize and restore dry and brittle hair.

Castor oil works well on all hair types and is known to moisturize dry hair, strengthen thin hair, prevent hair breakage and prevent split ends.

Sweet almond oil is known to have many benefits for skin and hair including moisturizing, strengthening and regenerative properties.

How to use

To get the most out of this oil, apply 10-20 drops of oil to your scalp daily. Massage the oil directly into the roots of clean, wet hair and scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes then wash your hair with shampoo and water.

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  • 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free

    We are proud to create plant powered products that are good for you and our environment. Our soaps are free of palm oil, petroleum, detergent, phthalates, parabens, and artificial preservatives. All colours are created using natural clays and botanicals.

  • Grown in our Garden

    Made with fresh herbs and plants ethically sourced and grown in the Naturally Natalie Garden. We use top grade, unrefined plant based oils and butters to gently clean without stripping away the natural oils of your skin.

  • Cold Processed

    Our soaps are made using the traditional cold process method and cure for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure that they are long lasting and gentle on your skin.